The Engineering team builds the world’s premier search and discovery platform for TV and entertainment content. The platform services search, browse, recommendations, voice and personalization features across set-top boxes, websites, and mobile devices. Our massively scaled platform gets hit with more than 1 billion queries per day for 22.5 million homes in the United States… that’s 1 in 5 homes in the US! The platform powers search and discovery on the new X1 Entertainment Platform:

As a former startup, we are proud of our startup DNA which drives constant innovation such as the new X1 voice remote: In close collaboration with our research team, the Comcast Labs DC engineering team is an engine of innovation producing cutting edge features such as personalized relevance, recommendations blending, item similarity and collaborative filtering, and voice recognition based on advanced NLP techniques.

Our engineers focus on designing and implementing efficient algorithms to solve complex problems. We are passionate about search and discovery.  To quote an engineer who recently joined the team when asked why he wanted to work here, “this is why I got into computer science!” From core search engine development, to test automation, to advanced relevance testing, our team continuously adopts new methods and technologies to constantly improve the platform and technology stack.


At QA, we test the products that millions of TV viewers experience on a daily basis. We take pride in our ability to deliver top notch user experiences at a rapid pace, and our Test Engineering team is crucial in making that possible. Our development and QA engineers have the opportunity to create innovative testing solutions with a wide variety of cutting edge web, mobile, set top box, and back-end technology. The QA, testing and triage efforts are all located at the DC office and work in close partnership with developers to ensure our products are ready for the live environment.

Our team of dedicated and passionate test engineers continually improve our systems and further the powerful use of test automation and continuous delivery as a driver for innovation. In addition to our dedicated internal testing & triage team, we partner with the Comcast National Testing Center on certain releases.